Advanced VMS Features for Heightened Security

Basic Features

Video management solutions seamlessly integrate all components of surveillance into an advanced turn-key solution that provides customers with extreme functionality and value. They often:

• Incorporate an Intuitive UI: VMS offers user-intuitive graphical user interface that makes user experience easier while simultaneously supporting security best practices. Users can choose from a wide selection of viewing configurations including split screens and multiple resolution options.

• Enable End-to-End Management: VMS is a power-house of intelligent features and functions that bring together network cameras, encoders, DVRs and NVRs and combine them into an extremely powerful and cost-efficient video surveillance management tool for end-to-end security management.

• Incorporate Advanced Features: VMS enables administrators to import site maps and overlay them with icons that represent the locations of installed cameras. Operators can retrieve and view recorded video for additional intelligence.

• Provide Alarm Management: VMS has an in-built alarm management feature; icons can be set to pop-up whenever there is an alarm-related event, facilitating quick monitoring (and action) of live images from the camera nearest to the incident.

• Ensure Real-time Management: VMS offers real-time event viewer with an event log. This log can be sorted by camera (number, location or type) or event (time or type) for further analysis and as evidence proof.

• Offer Easy Integration: Operators can easily register and integrate new devices into the VMS and conduct periodic health check of all the devices in the network to ensure round-the-clock security.

Advanced Features

In an ever growing industry like security and surveillance, camera manufacturers need to radically change the way innovative security solutions are delivered. A commitment to leading industry standards, in addition to multiple integration options, a highly distributed network architecture and cloud storage options are extremely sought after. Let’s look at some of the other advanced features that are transforming the video management space:

• Encryption: In an age where hackers are looming and the risk of cyber security threats is intimidating, encryption has become a major requirement. Modern VMS enables encrypted communication between surveillance cameras through a secure HTTPS connection, improving the security of content, and reducing the risk hacking.

• Advanced Search: Sifting through millions of TB of data is often a time consuming (and futile) process. Modern VMS possesses advanced search options, and that drastically reduces investigation time and help in quick identification of suspicious activity, people, objects and events. Choose from motion search, image search, or text search and retrieve the required content in no time.

• Real-time Maps: With VMS, you can achieve faster navigation to cameras using their physical location and easily view the layout of a location using the maps feature. Get a list of all the maps on the server, zoom in and out, view health indicators and show and hide cameras in different locations to get a birds-eye view of security around the premise.

• Multiple Viewing: Using VMS, you can view multiple, simultaneous video streams and effectively monitor multiple areas of interest. Set up the most critical locations on the salvo, configure basic information, add the cameras and get a complete view of your premise.

• Cloud Storage: VMS uses NVRs that are specially designed to work with cloud storage. You can store a large amount of data on the cloud and access recorded video content from anywhere using your computer, smart phone, or tablet. Since files are not stored locally, even if your equipment is damaged or stolen, the videos are still safe.

• Virtual Tours: Modern VMS offers a tour feature that enables operators to pre-define a sequence of cameras to automatically cycle through. Create a new tour, give it a name and description, set a default dwell time, add the necessary cameras and recorders to the tour and get a virtual tour of your premise according to the camera sequence.

Safeguard Assets

Considering the rate that which video equipment are evolving, monitoring a skyrocketing quantity of high-resolution video data is becoming extremely challenging. From metro stations and airports to casinos and urban roads – operators need to view several cameras at once in order to get a complete and uninterrupted overview of a location. Modern VMS empowers security operators to effectively manage high-resolution video streams in their day-to-day work. With ultra high resolution, advanced search options, maps, virtual tours, and cloud storage – VMS is just what you need to safeguard your assets!