Tips for Delivering an Engaging Business Presentation

Tips for Delivering an Engaging Business Presentation

A presentation is a great opportunity to reach a number of potential customers simultaneously, as well as encourage them to share the information with their wider sphere of influence. If delivered correctly, it can generate positive results for enhancing brand awareness. However, small mistakes can go a long way to impacting the reputation of the company. Listed below are a few tips to ensure that the presentation is engaging and thought-provoking:

1. Experts suggest following the 10/20/30 rule, which implies that a presentation should consist of 10 slides, having a total duration of 20 minutes, with font size of 30.

2. Audiences are not always interested in the core technical aspects of your product. It is advisable to keep your presentation short, crisp, and to the point, focussing on only the most pertinent information.

3. Although you might be a domain expert, it is best to not overload your audience with all the details and knowledge. This is primarily because every minute of speech is always backed by almost three minutes of related material, details, and more information. Including all the details about the subject would make the speech all the more long and boring.

4. Don’t include subjects you’re not confident with, or that you don’t have all the necessary information for. If yours listeners ask questions, and you aren’t able to respond confidently, then the customers are likely to lose trust in you and your company.

5. You should always research the type of audience you’re going to be talking to, so you can improvise you style and flow to the audience. By establishing an emotional connect with your customers, you will be successful in garnering their attention. With a compelling story and apt tone of voice, you can instill a feeling of trust amongst your listeners.

6. While planning for the presentation, you should allot 20% of the total time for a discussion session, wherein the viewers can ask questions. You should be prepared for a variety of queries, generic or strange, and ensure that the session satisfies and clears the doubts of the members present in the discussion.

7. Before ending the talk, try not to exit the podium abruptly, instead incorporate an element that would surprise the audience one last time, and create an everlasting impression on their minds.

By following the above-mentioned tips, one can surely tailor an effective pitch, which would instantly connect with the customers. For more guidance in this domain, one may consider availing the services of an esteemed public relations agency.

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