The Wrap Up of 2006


This will be my last newsletter for the year.

So how do you feel about 2006? Were you more effective? Have you been spending time with your family? Are you fit and healthy? Has your business provided the income and lifestyle you wanted? Are you now enjoying life more? Have you made the time to invest in yourself both personally and professionally?

Doing the rounds of some of the Christmas parties, I bumped into a lady I hadn’t seen for three years. She told me during that time her 20 year marriage had come to an end. Her business and her health were nearly destroyed by the aftermath of the break-up.

It’s interesting that all the time I had known her, she had given the impression her marriage was solid. Yet all that time there had been many incidents which showed her that there were major problems which she had chosen to ignore as she felt it would be easier avoiding what she knew she should do. Then one day a major blow-up occurred that caused her to take action.

So as you review this year both the positive and negative, look at what worked in your business and your life and what didn’t. Obviously keep doing what works and of course, you can always finetune. Avoid getting too comfortable as life can change instantly so it pays to be proactive so you’re prepared for change. However if areas of your life and business didn’t give you the results you were looking for, then make sure in the coming year that you resolve to change them and not ignore them.