3 Methods of Getting Your Business More Online Attention

3 Methods of Getting Your Business More Online Attention

We have countless options to discover fantastic products and get inspired thanks to the internet. Both consumers and company owners can benefit from the wealth of information available. However, it can also pose significant difficulties for businesses, as they must compete with other companies in their sector for customers. There are a few tactics you should use to increase the online visibility of your company, whether you run a local business or an online store. Read on for 3 ways to increase online attention for your business.

Stand Out

Identify a few of the companies you respect and admire. Thinking – Starbucks, Apple, Nike, Target? These businesses all share a great brand story, which is what makes them so successful (and memorable) while operating in very different industries. Each of these businesses has branded colors, mascots, and eye-catching logos that stick in our minds and influence our purchasing choices. In fact, customers place such a high value on company image that 38% of online shoppers claimed they stop visiting a website if the content is unappealing. Depending on the volume of your traffic, that may equate to hundreds of dollars in lost sales. If graphic design isn’t really your thing, you can work with a branding agency to create a brand image that embodies your greatest traits and resonates with your target market.


Let’s travel back to the last time you bought something or used a service. How did you act? If you’re like the 1.92 billion people who use the internet to shop, you probably started your search online and utilized Google at some point. Perhaps you choose to click on an advertisement, or perhaps you simply clicked on the organic search results that were immediately below. However, have you ever pondered how Google selects users for its top rankings? In other words, Google uses an algorithm to determine whose information is most beneficial to users, and whoever fits that standard is given the top slots. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the tactic used by companies and SEO services to take the top spots in search results in the hopes of generating more traffic (leads) for that website.

SEO Consulting Service

It is the year 2022. It has been a long time since anyone could just engage SEO consulting services and tell them to “perform that SEO thing and get us results” with no internal work. You must invest time and money internally if you want SEO to be successful for any business. In order to prioritize SEO work among the many other efforts the organization is working on, you also need buy-in from the top down. For a medium-sized or large-sized organization, a typical 12-month project will cost at least $120,000. Typically, this entails technical SEO, a committed team, a project plan and strategy, goal-setting, content strategy, etc. Hiring someone inside with the necessary expertise is probably not less expensive if that budget is only valid for a year (salary, benefits, fixed costs). When should you work with an SEO firm? In the end, you should engage an SEO company when your business has the necessary resources and discovers a business that prioritizes income and long-term strategy (which includes extra marketing channels).