Should Sign Design Be Timeless or Trendy?

Should Sign Design Be Timeless or Trendy?

Sign design is something many new businesses struggle with as they work to establish their brand. Do they want timeless or trendy? Should they pick a traditional sign design that speaks to stability and reliability? Or should they pick the latest and greatest design, complete with flashy graphics, vivid colors, and decorative fonts.

The complicated answer is that it depends on the business. Some businesses need to be trendy and modern. They need that look that says they are firmly entrenched in the 21st century, and are always looking to the future.

An advertising company, for example, would benefit from a trendy, modern sign design. This kind of sign design will present the kind of branding image the company wants. Ad agencies are known for their interesting advertisements. They strive to be cutting edge and memorable on everything they produce, including their own materials. Even the substrate they choose for their sign is important. So advertising agencies need to show the business community how they stand out.

But for a more traditional bricks-and-mortar business, like a restaurant, clothing store, or bookstore, the sign design needs to be as simple as possible. Avoid complex graphic images like photos. Do not use script or decorative fonts. And avoid cluttered layouts with a lot of different elements.

Too many business owners get caught up in the logo they created themselves, and do not realize that it is just not effective for a building sign. It may be too complex, with too many lines and shading. Or it may not fit the image they want to present. This is why a graphic designer who specializes in sign design can mean the difference between a good sign and a bad, or less attractive, sign.

A business will sometimes have to deal with their city regulations that limit what can go into a sign design. Some cities have rules about colors and lettering, sign placement on the building, or even the size and placement height. A local sign design professional will often know about these things, and can provide the business owner with the right guidance on these issues.

A sign is ultimately a reflection of what a company does, and their success is dependent on whether they can bring customers in. The right sign design is an important part of a company’s marketing efforts, and needs to be planned carefully, aligning with their vision as well as their customers’ preferences.

This is why effective business marketing starts with the sign. It is not something that should be left to chance or something created by someone who is not a professional graphic designer. In many cases, the sign is the first introduction customers have to a business. The design needs to be attractive and explanatory, and to match with the vision of the business.

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